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Clinical Trials: Bonding, Helping, Advancing

By February 5, 2024 February 6th, 2024 No Comments

Cat Care Clinic is proud to be asked by the most reputable pharmaceutical companies to participate in clinical trials aimed at providing the newest in treatments for cats. Our feline doctors and staff collaborate when offered a clinical trial opportunity and only agree to those that we feel are safe, reasonably low stress for our cats (and cat parents) and those we feel our patients may benefit from. We love the benefits of being a part of these trials, and we think you may too. They’re not for everyone (or every cat!) but for many they are a great opportunity with many rewards.

Help advance feline veterinary medicine

Many people are eager to be a part of a clinical trial with their cat to help other cats and move the world of feline veterinary medicine forward. Cats often get the short end of the stick when it comes to research. Maybe some people think they are less important? Or perhaps they just aren’t big money makers like giant Great Danes and Rottweilers due to their small size and hence less sales of pharmaceuticals. Regardless, any chance we can help our cats and the future of cats in a safe way is a wonderful opportunity.

Have your cat get the newest in treatment for their problem

While getting the care and attention of our CCC staff, your cat can get the latest in treatment. Most clinical trials that we participate in are for treatments that have already been proven safe and effective in dogs and even humans, but need FDA approval for cats. It’s exciting to be one of the first to get the benefit of these medications. Yes, some trials do involve placebos, in which case your cat may not improve. But always remember we can remove your cat from a clinical trial at any time if we feel it is in their best interest to begin a different treatment or care plan. We will always advocate for your cat.

Bond with and be proud of your cat

Journaling your cat’s behavior or activities, keeping an eye on their improvement, and overall being more in tune with your cat during a study often brings people closer to them. Often clients are very proud of their cats for being in a trial, and it can remain something to take pride in and remember forever. We love bonding with you and your cat more too!

Access the best feline doctors around, usually at no cost to you

Your cat will be initially screened for studies by one of our CCC feline doctors, and you will remain in close contact with them during the study. We love getting to know our clients and patients even better as we experience a clinical trial together.

NO cost exams, labs, comprehensive care, and treatment

During a clinical trial, your cat will be thoroughly assessed at the beginning and throughout the trial. This will help you understand their health, and also make sure there are no changes throughout the trial. This is often a huge benefit when the cost of labs or tests is an obstacle for you. When our patients may be candidates for a trial we are a part of, we may offer a screening to help deter costs of tests for you.


Aside from the perks above that are beyond monetary rewards, typically clinical trials offer very generous clinic credit to those that participate in or complete studies. This can be used for any services or products including preventative care, dental care, food, or other necessities for your cat after the study.

Compassionate Use Privileges

For some trials, when the study is complete, cats are allowed to stay on the treatment if they’ve received benefit from it. This has given many cats opportunities to have a high quality of life with everything from diabetes management to kidney disease. We are very fortunate to be able to offer this to our patients.

Current Clinical Trials

If you have or know a cat that may be a study candidate, please email us:

Osteoarthritis: If your cat demonstrates pain, difficulty jumping or climbing stairs, decreased grooming, or even litter box problems, it could be a sign of osteoarthritis. Give us a call to discuss eligibility.

Diabetes Mellitus: **THIS STUDY IS COMPLETE** Newly diagnosed cats who have not been started on insulin therapy yet may be eligible. Is your cat drinking and urinating excessively or losing weight? They may be eligible for a free exam and screening for diabetes to see if they qualify.

Weight loss with early kidney disease: **THIS STUDY IS COMPLETE** Cats who have lost even a small amount of weight may have early renal disease and qualify for a weight management treatment to support body condition. Call us if your cat fits this description.

Anemia: Anemia can have many causes, but if your cat is mildly anemic and meets other criteria, they may qualify for this study for a new treatment for anemic cats. Call us to discuss more details with a doctor.